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Just Fruit?
Yes, Please.

Here at ÈSSE (ESS), we think you deserve the best tasting flavored water. To do that, we use real whole fruit sourced from real farmers, not "natural flavors" or "essences" pumped out of a lab somewhere. It's honest to goodness actually natural. It is our belief that nothing can compete with mother nature.

Our organic fruit is hand-picked, cold pressed, and added to pure natural spring water to give you a crisp, refreshing, whole fruit flavored water.



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Farm to Bottle

We source our fruit from organic farmers right here in the USA. Our fruit is so fresh, you'll still see traces of pulp suspended in the bottles. The natural mix is so tasty, we're able to provide a low or zero calorie flavored water with actual nutritional value. You will find vitamin C, calcium, potassium, magnesium, as well as flavonoids.

Citrus fruits contain various polyphenols, and lemons contain eriocitrin, hesperidin, narirutin, and diosmin. There is evidence that these compounds have a number of natural positive health effects in the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, and to have anti-inflammatory activities based on their antioxidant activity and levels.

Pure Spring Water

Our pure fruit demands the highest quality natural spring water we could find. We source our water from a natural spring in the Kettle Moraine of Wisconsin. The moraine was created when glacial sediment was deposited as a result of two glacial ice sheets colliding. As the glaciers receded, pot shaped depressions (kettles) were formed from glacial ice buried in sediment. Subsequently, our spring water contains 240 total dissolved solids which include high levels of calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Born in
the USA

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